Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse Farming is currently being run on over 2 hectares of land on the Lekki Epe Axis as a pilot scheme which cultivates vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, lettuce and exotic vegetables like Kale, Spinach etc. 

With ownership of over 5, 000 hectares of land in the Iyemero Agricultural growth corridor of Ekiti State, the vegetable Farm will broaden its experiences to increase its production capacity from the pilot scheme in Lagos.

Cash Crop Farming

FMS Farms aims to operate a fully integrated agro allied business, which would include investment in cash crop farming.

The pilot scheme which involves the transplanting of 1,000 seedlings has commenced. Full scale cultivation of Cashew will be done on 20 hectares of land.

Cassava Plantation Farm

The Cassava Plantation commenced with a pilot phase on 100Ha of farm land in Iyemero Ekiti state with intent of extension to 3,000Ha farm land for cassava root production to feed the starch factory.

At a conservative yield of 15Tons/Ha and 45,000Tons of cassava roots annually, the Cassava Plantation Farm will supply at least 65% of the root tuber requirement of the cassava starch processing plant.

The Out Growers Farmers’ Scheme

FMS Farms set up The Out-Growers Farmers’ Scheme (OGFS) in order to complement the cassava cultivation for the starch production.

Each OGFS farmer is supported by FMS Farms with the required quality strain of cassava stalks, herbicides, pesticides tools and equipment leasing and training programs.

This forms the core of our Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) program as we reach out to our immediate locality and empower them.


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